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What’s new in votech?

Madison Loyd '21, Reporter

December 7, 2018

Votech helps your career in the long run and it helps you to get a job. Votech offers Media production, Culinary, early childhood, robotics, wilden, graphic print, and a lot more. Even though we refer votech as ‘votech’ ...

Blood drive

Madison Lloyd '21, Reporter

December 6, 2018

  This year’s blood drive had 77 donors. When you walk in you signed in with the volunteers and was told to read a packet which had the information you needed to know about giving blood. Your personal belongs were to be l...

Anger Management

Lexi Grim '21, Page Designer

December 5, 2018

Some people have anger management problems and need help but can’t because they might not have enough money or they don’t have enough time to do so or something has/is happening with their family and can’t go get the help tha...

Parking Lot Makeover

Lexi Grim '21, page designer

October 5, 2018

      Is the parking lot a mess this year or is it better? Between last year and this year the parking lot has changed last year students parked in the back parking lot, parents dropped off their students wherever they wanted t...

Bright Futures

Lexi Grim '21, page designer

October 5, 2017

      “We believe that our high school students should have a voice; that drives our Bright Futures creative programming and opportunities,” said Bright Futures Sponsor Melissa Calabrese. “We aim to be a diverse, yout...

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