Passion over wealth

Melanie Davis ‘19, Editor

The most crucial decisions are made senior year, our whole high school career has lead us to this very moment; what will you do after high school? It’s unbelievably terrifying to be leaving the comfort of these hallways, teachers, classrooms and fellow students. But alas, family members, close friends, teachers and even total strangers are expecting you to have your future plans all laid out by now… down to the last detail. Picking a future career has been something everyone has been dreaming of since we were all six, but now that it’s all approaching so soon, us seniors are somewhat stuck and lost.

Our generation is one that now thrives on wealth and fame. A mass majority of the student body has their eyes stuck solely on money and reputation rather than actual interest and passion. People would rather spend the rest of their lives working to obtain materialistic things instead of doing a job that they will love and enjoy. People nowadays purely look for jobs that make a substantial amount of money, without looking into the career itself.  

“People always remind me of how ‘poor’ I’m going to be after high school, but I just stopped listening to them,” senior Shannon Dingle said.

I’ve had my career chosen since my freshman year and even though countless people have tried to sway my choice and persuade me to pursue another, more well-paying job, I have refused. Not only am I stubborn; I am passionate. I’d rather spend the rest of my time on this earth giving back to my community and helping those around me than drowning in money and fancy cars. Yes my dream job isn’t ideal for most, but it is something that I know I will always love doing and I won’t give up on my dream just because I won’t be a billionaire.

“My dreams are set and I’m not changing my mind,” Dingle finished.

Not everyone strives for the lavish and rich lifestyle that has always be adored in our society. Even though this is a goal for a large majority, it isn’t a goal for me. As long as I am happy and healthy, abundance of useless money means nothing to me.