Advice to freshmen: Letter to self

Ashley Hutchinson '19, Copy Editor

Dear Ashley,

I’m the older version of you and have experienced everything that you have yet to find out about. It’s been a long four years since I was in your place and so many dramatic changes have occurred that have molded the person you will eventually become. The journey is not going to be a great one. There will be some highs, some lows, and a few really low times.

You will find out the true colors of those you thought would be by your side for life, and find some new friends in those you thought were no good since middle school.

The relationships you go through will definitely grant you some life lessons. You won’t regret anything, but I sometimes wish I could go back in time and ask you what you were thinking. By the way, every person that tells you that they love you may not actually mean it. You’ll understand what I’m talking about as you figure out your love life, friend groups, and who your family truly is. Another thing to remember, blood does not mean family.

At this point, your anxiety is getting worse. Just breathe and understand that you are not being constantly watched and it’ll take time, but you will get the help you need and relax a bit. It’ll get better. It’ll be alright.

Do not give up. You will want to many times, but don’t. The storm will pass and there will be lighter times. The happy times will make the bad times worth the wait. You’ll meet people that’ll make you want to take the good with the bad. You will definitely want to meet those people because you’ll be so glad you did.

I could be cliché and tell you to avoid things that you won’t exactly enjoy but that would not make me the person I am now. Make mistakes, feel the pain, and embrace who you are. Those really low times taught you things that nothing else could. You have the experience all the trauma to fully grasp life and understand yourself and others. It sucks but it’s the only way. Reading about the tragedies you’ll come across is not the same as living through them. And trust me, you will live through them.

I’m so happy that you’ve emerged as the person you have. You’re currently a work in progress, and you still are to this day, so accept that you are not perfect and achievement will take time. You’re going to accomplish so much and it’s only the beginning.

I’m off to college soon, something that you didn’t think was possible. Your senior quote will be, “Still standing” and you are.