Through the pages

Melanie Davis '19, Editor

At the start of my freshman year I never thought I would take my newspaper class seriously. I joined the class solely because my sister, a former editor, forced me to. If she would have never pushed me towards this class I would have never grown as a writer or a leader.

Freshmen year is horrid for most people, and I am no exception to that one statement. As most, I didn’t truly care for anything regarding school at this time… so I put the bare minimum of effort into my work. Going back and reading my articles from that year reflect how little I cared about this class at the start. It is beyond disheartening to see some of my old work lacking the zeal that I have for this class now; albeit the juxtaposition of 2016 and 2019 is astonishing to me and I am beyond proud of how much I have changed.

Sophomore year was the year I was alone in the class, my sister had left me to fill the void she had left. That year was when I finally began to realize how much this class meant to me. I started to speak more openly and freely, and I even became more of a leader once I took responsibility of page designing. Newspaper became like a job for me. Newspaper became a passion of mine. I worked extra hard to get my work finished and perfected, along with that I helped our teacher with all of the hardships that we go through when designing each issue. That was the year that I really stepped out of my comfort zone and put initiative behind my work. Sophomore year was also the year that I convinced my friends to join the class alongside me. From that year forward, my outlook on newspaper shifted.

Junior year was the year I pushed to be an even better newspaper student. I made sure I made all my deadlines and I went out of my way to make sure each page of our paper looked perfect. I was one of the only students that knew how the class functioned and how everything needed to be done, so I made it a point to help people and lead them when they were confused. My writing and page designs improved even more than the years before and I was beyond elated with the articles I reported. Junior year in newspaper was probably one of my favorites, from my work output to the students in class with me; that year was amazing.

And now I’m writing for my very last article for the last issue of my senior year. This year, although stressful at times, has been overall impactful and has really shaped me as a writer and a student. I have been looking intensively through our page designs and our reporters stories for years; but this year I was finally awarded the title of Editor, following in my sister’s shadow. Even though it may just be a silly title and all, I feel like all my hard efforts and determination for this class is portrayed perfectly through that one little title inside of my byline. I know I have worked hard for that position and I can’t deny how happy it makes me. I love what I produce from this newspaper class, and I hope my fellow reporters, page designers and copy editors can agree with me.

The memories and friendships and amazing work that has come from this one seemingly ignored and underappreciated class will always stay with me. I will forever be grateful for newspaper, it has only brought positive aspects to my life as a student and a writer. I can’t imagine going to school without my newspaper production class. Thank you, newspaper and most importantly, thank you, Mrs. Boyce.