The evolution of entertainment

Melanie Davis '19, Editor


Board games and toys are an essential part of childhood; they bring family and friends together and help us create hilarious and sometimes even infuriating memories. Most kids, at least in my generation, grew up playing with certain board games, toys, apps and websites kids nowadays have never even heard of.

Websites and video games were huge when we were growing up, websites like Webkinz, FRIV, Cool Math, Club Penguin, and Habbo. Even though the internet was a huge part of our childhood, we still played other games like Clue, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Guess Who?, Mouse Trap, Battleship and so many more. When we were in Elementary School we would play numerous games with friends that varied from board games, action figures and dolls, miscellaneous toys or even made-up acting games. Younger people now play on their phones and stay inside all day long. Technology has taken over an industry of fun that doesn’t really exist anymore.

“They [kids] can’t appreciate the stuff we grew up on and it just gets on my nerves,” senior Devin Murray said.

Trying to get a six-year-old to play any other game with you that isn’t on their iPad is virtually impossible. Kids are so glued to their phones and computers that they barely play outside anymore. Majority of kids would much rather stay cooped up inside all day long than go out and ride their bike or go play in the dirt. Entertainment between these age groups is so drastic; some hate playing outside or hate playing board games, while the rest of us grew up on these activities.

Games and other entertaining activities nowadays may be different from what my generation remembers, but that’s just because of the changes throughout generations. It may be strange to plenty of people, but even so, we shouldn’t care all that much due to the fact that we still had the best entertainment growing up.