Escape Room: he said, she said…

Two reviews: a dialogue

Escape Room: he said, she said…

Cristina: I’m glad Skye recommended this movie, I thought it was great.


Jalen: Honestly, this movie was garbage. Not like hot garbage, but it was trash.


Cristina: What didn’t you like about it?


Jalen: The acting was mediocre, the background on the characters was brief even though it was an important part of the plot. Some parts were very predictable, like the death of the characters. The better question is, why did you like the movie?


Cristina: I really liked that the characters were diverse and that their background was not thoroughly explained because we don’t know much about them so their next move was unexpected. My favorite thing about the movie, however, was the plot, the concept was really interesting.


Jalen: The plot of the movie would’ve been interesting IF the concept wasn’t repetitive-


Cristina: It was not repetitive, it had a pattern.


Jalen: No no no, the pattern was the same. The only thing that changed was the scenery, the deaths of the characters were inevitable. Not only that, but the concept of people being selected at random to compete to the death for a prize of American currency is quite cliché.


Cristina: The scenery change is a really good element. It keeps the movie from getting boring, and yeah that is a cliché but it’s still a classic. A very similar concept was used in the Hunger Games and all four movies were hits.


Jalen: Well this movie was not such a hit, with a 51% rating on Rotten Tomato it can be seen as sort of a bummer. In my opinion, the creativity was there for the visuals and the different rooms, but the main plot of the film was not well put-together.


Cristina: Okay but according to IMDb, this movie made 18,238,172 dollars in just the first weekend of it being in movie theaters. All that money doesn’t just come from people who saw the trailer, it also comes from conversation. My friend saw the movie and told me it was good, it’s a similar case for lots of other movie buffs as well. And honestly, the main plot was well put together, it was fully explained and consistent during the whole two hours.


Jalen: Well let’s just agree to disagree for now, the end of the movie was the best part, and it foreshadows a sequel. Hopefully that movie will be better than this one!


Cristina: I mean, I guess.