If it’s any Consolation Look at the Constellations


Tiyanna Harris '20, Reporter

With the digital age upon us and growing exponentially, thoughts and ideas are constantly expressed, even when we don’t ask. Astrological signs have become a popular compass to determine who’s worth love and who’s not.

The problem is, should one put so much weight on a zodiac sign? They’ve been around for a long time: the early Babylonian and Egyptian civilizations hold some credit for the basis of horoscopes, but there’s no specific person or thing who holds full credit. So why exactly do teens and young adults put the signs on a pedestal?

“Zodiac signs are just made up characteristics.. It’s not who you really are,” responded Jalayna Grady, sophomore. She said this after I asked “Do you think zodiac signs should be taken into consideration when forming a relationship?”

Individuals base their love life, friendships and even their day on astrological signs. Essentially these are well known biases. Biases are harmful to everyday interactions. If business took zodiac signs into consideration many people would be out of a job (Gemini!) For some reason once you’re labeled it takes elbow grease to clear your name. Astrological signs are irrelevant in relationship building. In some minds, they hold meaning however.

Although many take it with a grain of salt, it means something to others. For example individuals may not fully submerge themselves into the world of astrology but they do believe some aspects of it. Opinions trudge along with anything.

According to junior Madison Cummins, Leos are the worst sign to date. “I just think that they’re too mean and they’re not loyal,” she said.

For every worst, there’s a best.

“Pisces [are best] because we’re very caring, we’re real sensitive to stuff.. that’s good because we’re caring,” responded Madison Larue, junior. Most people say their own sign is best of course.

SeRaya Flowers, sophomore, said, “ Virgos [are worst to date] because they are not loyal, liars and they don’t ever know what they want in life.”  Ouch! -1 for Virgos. This was stated after I asked her what sign was the worst to be romantically involved with.

There is no clear tie with history or science to back the meanings. As far as we know they are completely made up. The phrase “trust it as far as you can throw it” applies gravely to this. In contrast, what we do know is twinkling stars dance in the sky every day, only to be seen at night.

When Galileo looked at an ordinary lens, he saw ordinary things. It was only until he saw through a complex lens, he saw opportunity. It is easier to tell someone they’re wrong, but it is understanding the difficult that initiates growth.

The sky has been around longer than mankind. The sky sees all. It’s a peek into the vastness of space. It carries secrets that man has desperately tried to make meaning out of, constellations and astrological signs are part of the question.

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. -Galileo Galilei