New Parent Coordinator hired


Photo credits to Jalen Hamilton

New parent coordinator; Mrs. Gidley

Jalen Hamilton ‘19 , Reporter

“It takes a village to raise a child,” said Mrs. Gidley, the newly hired parent coordinator.

Gidley (not related to English teacher Mr. Gidley) is a former admissions representative at a paramedic academy and has been working since the end of January. She came to John Glenn because she wanted a job where she could make a difference at a local level. As a parent coordinator she plans to get the parents more involved in the school. She aims to make a stronger connection with parents and their students’ academic career; she’s also striving to get parents to volunteer more, she said. Her biggest goal is to make the parents feel more comfortable when it comes to talking with teachers and volunteering at functions. Gidley feels the relationship between parents and teachers should be less apprehensive and more understandable.

Another thing Gidley is working on is the attendance issues. She wants to meet with students to improve their attendance. She says that we all have to work collectively to make this district the best it can be and that’s what she plans to achieve.