Pressure of prom perfection


Abigail Said '19, Reporter


Trends. Specifically prom trends. Every year there seems to be a change in looks. Seasonal colors, popularized hairstyles, specific shoes, even a “perfect” vehicle. While many ignore these trends, many others still follow the popular ideas for the year.

Looking through online catalogs (Windsor, MensWearhouse, Unique Lady Bridal & Prom, Nordstrom, etc.) for female, male and unisex wear; the biggest trend this year seems to be “classy” wear.  

Senior Devin Strohschein said, “I think the trends are cool, everyone seems to have bought classy dresses.”

Although classy dresses seem to be quite in style, a multitude of Disney-princess esque styles are showcased.

An article titled, Stay in Style: Prom Dress Trends in 2019 Guide & How to Find the Right One on stated, “Belle of the Ball (Gown)… Glitter Gown… Statement Two-Pieces… Illustrious Illusions… Hello to High-Low… Riveting in Rose Gold… Stunning Sequins (are all in style).”

Though these dress styles fluctuate every year, florals seem to have been making a huge comeback in the past few years.

“I’ve seen a lot of pastels, florals and blues,” Senior Erica Finley stated.

Suits also seem to be having a year in the spotlight. Colorful prints like floral, plaid and animal have proclaimed their spots. Slip on, European styled loafers seem to have taken over many store showcases.

While vivacious and bright colors such as: pink, light blue, yellow, red, orange, purple and basically anything that breaks the traditional suit barrier, navy suits with brown shoes are back in style.

Senior Kyle Littlefield said, “A nice, nice navy suit with brown shoes is pretty trendy.”

Strohschein agreed and stated, “This year’s trends are navy tuxedos based on the Men’s Wearhouse showcase.”

Even though the outfits matter, there appears to be another approach to “prom perfection.”

Ashtyn Popson, a senior, stated, “I know they (trends) don’t matter but they are things we (prom attendees) should stress about.”

Through social media, red carpets and other social events, many students turn to these things for prom inspiration. When major clothing companies take notice of what is popular, they produce these typically expensive outfits.

Between many John Glenn students, it was mutually stated “pictures.”

This meaning that most students for prom really only want to look good for the pictures and memories. Not for themselves.

Although looking good for the camera is majority, many people want to look “perfect” on one of the biggest nights of one’s high school career.

Littlefield later said, “It’s one of the last times you’ll ever see (these) people. You wanna look good.”

Being able to show off how well-put together one can look through an expensive outfit, precise makeup, the nicest shoes or anything that can show one off, that’s what prom is shown off as.

Finley stated, “(Prom perfection will never stop) because a lot of people think prom equals royalty.”

Prom perfection is an ever changing topic. Each year hairstyles are changing, different outfit styles are being produced, promposals are getting crazier. Any and every trend is modifying.

The concept of “prom perfection” varies from person to person. While some students wholeheartedly believe in a perfect aesthetic, others just want to follow their own style. Trends, no matter where, will always be prevalent in society. It’s up to you, as a student, to decide to follow them or not.

“Perfection is everyone having a great time and everyone being able to stay safe,” Popson stated.