Students Against Destructive Decisions hold workshops


Instructed by sophomore Isabella Riopelle, senior Alex Morgan tries to “Walk the line” wearing drunk goggles. Photo by Morgan Prater.

Amanda Kroll '19, Page Designer

Students Against Destructive Decisions, better known as SADD, try to promote healthy and responsible decisions within the school grounds that you can take on into your day to day lives. SADD is gearing up for their annual Butterfly Event, which takes place after the seniors leave in May. They sell real butterflies at all three lunches for fifty cents and then release them outside at the end of lunch.

The butterflies come frozen so that they aren’t harmed in transportation, but are still alive. They then thaw out and are released. Little cotton balls with Gatorade or a sugary sweet drink are set outside so the butterflies can have sugar to survive. SADD choose butterflies because when you release them into the air they are either in memory of someone who you love that has been lost to drunk driving or alcohol/drug abuse, or a hope for the future.

Other events that SADD has done in the school year or in the past are wearing drunk goggles and walk around to see what it was like under the influence. The glasses are low on the spectrum and there are even higher versions for when you have consumed more alcohol. They also have a thing at the beginning of the school year called Red Ribbon week. Red Ribbon week is a campaign for not taking or being under the influence of drugs while driving. SADD ties little red ribbons onto all the cars in the parking lot.

But when they aren’t doing events and other big things they have meetings where they usually plan out future events and things that they would like to do or decide the things that they won’t do. They also make pencils with slogans on it same with glow in the dark wristbands, and tee-shirts. Mrs. Grimm is the teacher that runs SADD and the meetings are usually in her room after school on Mondays.