The Struggle of REading

The Struggle of REading

Marisa Grim '19, Page Designer

I have struggled with reading for a very long time now; I would say since around the fourth grade this has been an issue. When I was younger I could read a book easily I was able to understand everything that was going on throughout said book. Then suddenly it all changed, out of nowhere reading became one of the hardest things for me to do. I couldn’t focus long enough to read more than four pages at once and I couldn’t comprehend what I had just read. This issue made me want to stop reading all together; I didn’t want to pick up a book and attempt reading, it just made me feel like I was dumb. I thought maybe I had ADHD or something like it but no, there is no explanation as to why I struggle with reading; at least, not one that I am aware of.

Throughout almost all of high school, I tried my best to avoid reading the novels in the curriculum, there were certain books I stayed away from. It wasn’t because I was lazy and didn’t feel like reading it was because I knew they would be too complicated for me to understand. After a long time and constantly trying new ways to make myself comprehend, I finally found a method that worked best for me. When I’m reading a book I need to be alone or in complete silence, and while I’m reading I need to write down key events and other notes on what is happening. It makes it so much easier for me to just go right back and review everything I just read. I regret not finding a way to help myself comprehend sooner, I could have read all those books and actually enjoyed them.

I’m not the only student who struggles with this issue so many students not only here at Glenn but everywhere have a hard time reading and comprehending. Many students feel too afraid to speak up about their struggles; they don’t want to feel or come off as not smart enough. This should not be the case at all, no students should feel afraid to tell a teacher that they are having a hard time understanding what is being read.

If students felt more comfortable with talking to teachers we can help solve this issue. Sure you might not be successful in helping every student but even helping one is making a huge change in their life. Teachers aren’t the only ones that need to step up though students should be willing to help their friends if they see them struggling. Reading is something you absolutely need to know how to do. You read pretty much everywhere and everything. I took things into my own hands and found a way that helps me but it would of been a lot easier if I had someone by my side helping me. Nobody should ever feel dumb when asking someone for help; everyone needs help sometimes.