AP expedition

Morgan Prater ‘19, Business Manager

The elective expo was held on Wednesday, Feb. 6 in gym 1. The expo was held during all three lunches for students and open from 5:30-7:00 p.m. for parents.

“The expo gives students an opportunity to see what’s available to them for their scheduling for next year, but also it gives them an opportunity to talk to students who are currently taking the classes so they can get someone’s inside perspective,” math teacher Ms. Neal said.

Each elective had displays describing the class and several had past students there to describe the course. This event was designed to help students learn more about the classes offered here.

That same night was open to the parents of incoming freshman for the 2019-2020 school year. Special meeting were held with counselors to discuss graduation requirements, accelerated courses and the role of the counselor in the students education.

That next week on Wednesday, Feb. 13, AP night was held. This event gave students the opportunity to learn more about the Advanced Placement (AP) classes offered here. Students could explore the wide variety of classes offered with AP credit. Some of the classes displayed were: AP World History, AP U.S. History, AP English Language, AP English Literature, AP Political Science, AP Chemistry, AP Biology,  AP Calculus and a new course, AP Environmental Science. This event was to allow students to see what classes are like and to pick up the course applications.