Blood drive

Madison Lloyd '21, Reporter


This year’s blood drive had 77 donors. When you walk in you signed in with the volunteers and was told to read a packet which had the information you needed to know about giving blood. Your personal belongs were to be left by the sign-up sheet. The nurses were employed by Red Cross.

While some of the volunteers helped people get signed in others had to direct people to sit down. After giving blood we are responsible for holding everyone for at least fifteen minutes to make sure they’re okay. Some of the student volunteers were apart of student council. Donors were offered different types of drinks or snacks to have while they wait.

“Since I can’t give blood i’d like to help those who can,” junior Jasmine Robinson stated.

In the packet was important information and tips helpful for the donors. Such as get at least eight hours of sleep the night before and if you drink a lot of water ten to thirty minutes before you donate your less likely to be dizzy.  In order to make sure your eligible to donate they will; ask you about your health, take your blood pressure, temperature and pulse. They will also take a small blood sample to make sure your not anemic. Some of the requirements to donate is you have to be more than 110 pounds, not taking antibiotics, have cold symptoms, donated blood in the last 56 days, etc.

“I think it’s interesting to see how many people are willing to help others,” junior Asja Beene added.