New school rules

Alexys Sciatto '19, Reporter

If you haven’t seen the new posters posted in every classroom, or been able to attend the meeting in the auditorium in early February, then you wouldn’t know about about the new school rules.

The rules spell out the acronym P.O.W.E.R., which includes:

  • Protect Each Other
  • Own It
  • Be Wisely Wired
  • Be Engaged
  • Be Responsible

“If you follow what’s on those posters, and if you follow those guidelines that we put out there they are things that will make you more successful when you go to college when you go into a career. Whatever you choose to do after June they are things that are going to apply to other aspects of life.” Said Principal Wagner during the senior meeting to discuss said rules.

The seniors may be in their last few months, as the principal pointed out as well, but everyone has to follow the rules being set. They’re being set to help improve our experience here at John Glenn and encourage the students to be more POWER-ful.