Diversity day at John Glenn

Alexys Sciatto '19, Reporter


On Friday, March 15, an event hosted by Kyianna Parrom, Nina Scarpelli, and Mr. Przybylski, had panel of seven participants who were willing to share personal stories of their struggles based on what makes them diverse.

Before the speakers would tell stories of their lives the hosts of Diversity Day spoke to the audience. Both young women talked about how society wants to ignore the things that makes us different, how hurtful that can be. They also encouraged the students to embrace the things that make them diverse.

“Each of you is different, and that makes you beautifully and wonderfully diverse,” said Scarpelli.

The panel started with a positive message from Mr. Cooper.

“Life is good,” said Mr. Cooper throughout his story. Showing that despite the struggles he faced, he lives a full and happy life. Something of which all the panelists were doing.

Diversity is a struggle as well as something to be celebrated, this panel showcases that exactly.