Advice to Freshmen : ask for the essentials

Ashley Hutchinson '19, Copy Editor

Attention, freshmen: it’s never too early to start thinking about college and what it will entail, including the mass amount of expenses. Christmas, and the holidays overall, is a great way to obtain necessities that’ll more than likely be needed in the future. Trust me, you’re not going to need those brand new shoes when you’re drowning in student loans: those squeaky disposables are not going to save you. What you really should be asking Saint Nicholas for is the essentials for college. Your future self will indefinitely thank you later.

Money is the top priority. Throughout your entire life, money is going to be needed to survive and live the life you desire to (unless the apocalypse comes, but let’s set that aside for now). Collecting and saving money as early as you can start will benefit you more and more. Even if the sum is not even close to the total amount you owe in student loans, at least it’s something, and something is better than nothing in this case. Save that $100 bill from Aunt Gert now and that’ll be $100 in your bank going out into the real world where you have to pay for your own stuff.

If someone in your family deems money isn’t a suitable gift because it “isn’t sentimental”, gift cards work just as well. If you shop at Ulta, ask for an Ulta gift card so you no longer have to use your own money to make purchases but the credit on the gift card. A compromise is made as you save your own money for college and Aunt Gert gets her wish of getting you a sentimental gift you will love.

Electronics get more and more expensive as the years progress, it seems, so maybe plan to buy that coffee machine you know you’ll love the Black Friday of your senior year before you’re off to college. Buy or ask for it then so you won’t feel the need to impulsively buy a $5 coffee on the daily from your nearby Starbucks. A reliable computer is something to invest in, too, as you will most likely need it in college more than ever.

Sometimes we take simple pleasures for granted, one of those being toilet paper. Maybe don’t start asking for this until senior year, particularly your graduation party, but definitely make note of this necessity. Think of other noticeable belongings you use on the daily like bathroom towels, paper towels, hygiene products, and the infinite list proceeding. You will have to start paying for your own essentials, and these select things alone aren’t exactly cheap so it may be wise to ask others to start helping you out in that aspect.

College is approaching faster than you realize and the better the preparation for it, the slightly less stressed you’ll probably be. These things may not compare to your current obsession with those shiney, new shoes you just have to have, but you’ll eventually have more money in your pocket when you really need it. And trust me, you’re going to need it.