Why Christmas music is a no-go

Melanie Davis '19, Page Editor

There’s nothing wrong with being extra excited and festive when the holidays are fastly approaching. Wanting to start your celebration a bit early isn’t a bad thing either… but who thought that Christmas music in the summer months was a logical thing to start.

“It’s [Christmas music] just overplayed and overrated, I’m sick of if,” sophomore Jenna Hodges said.

Christmas music itself isn’t horrible… not he best, but regardless it can be tolerable. The main reason that I loathe the music is the fact that people ruin these happy and joyous songs for me. If I want to hear Christmas music, I will happily wait until the first of December– alas, many others tend to disagree. We start hearing the first few hymns as soon as the fall season begins. Halloween and Thanksgiving have no chance when it comes to competing with Christmas. A lot of people tend to go from Halloween straight to Christmas, ignoring turkey day entirely. Every holiday is amazing in its own way, but so many choose to ignore the smaller ones to focus on the one big, holly and jolly holiday, leaving the others with no attention or love. Starting a celebration numerous months in advance is overbearing and completely unnecessary.

Hearing about something over and over again simply makes me disinterested and annoyed, so when I hear one single note from any festive song I instantly become irritable. Society nowadays is madly in love with any and everything pertaining to Christmas; you can’t go on any social media platform without being bombarded with the Christmas spirit. Although I love the holiday, by the time it comes around, I lose all interest in it completely. Christmas music spoils my personal experience with the holiday, and for that crime I will never ever like this destructive music.