Teachers go on strike


Alexys Sciatto ‘19, Reporter

34,000 teachers went on strike for six days, fighting for better conditions in their schools.

These teachers are getting paid on average $54,260, which is $4,000 less than an average teacher in Westland, Michigan does, and have a class size from 45 students to 50. They are understaffed, thus being overworked.

Their demands in this strike are: 6.5% pay raise, smaller class sizes, and more fundings for librarians, nurses, and counselors to fully staff the schools.

Imagine this happening in Wayne-Westland schools. Imagine the overcrowded classrooms, the even more so underpaid teachers, the understaffing. Imagine what it would be like if every teacher in all of the schools in our district, preschool to high schools, went on strike for six days. Teachers are one of the most underpaid and underappreciated groups of people, and it should be pointed out in order to improve the current

Luckily the strike came to an end and they received smaller class sizes, reducing by 4 by the year 2021-22 for grades 4-12, and 3rd grade and under classes are capped at 27 students. The district will be adding 300 school nurses, 77 new counselors, and 82 more librarians. The teachers settled for a combined 6% raise for teachers, 3% for the last school year and another 3% for this school year.

This isn’t the first strike in LA, the last one was in 1989, and before that in 1970. In the 1970 strike the teachers were on strike for nearly five weeks. They won a 5% pay raise and received smaller classes with the creation of advisory councils at the time. But in 78 California would go through a property tax cut, which would cut into the main provider for school lunches. 21,000 teachers were on strike in 1989. They won their battle, but in the early 1990s we hit a recession that would cause these teachers to receive a 10% pay reduction in the end of the contract.

This strike is hoped to be different, for these improvements to last, and create even more change. As this is the start of more and more teachers getting better pay and conditions; this strike has sparked so many across America in the past month.

Teachers already have to deal with you, don’t let them do it for chump change.