Free Spirit, the best album of the year

Free Spirit, the best album of the year

Marisa Grim '19, Page Designer

Fans everywhere were counting down the days until April 5th, the day Khalid was releasing his newest album Free Spirit.

For months, Khalid had showed teasers of his album releasing clips from a few songs and even fully releasing a couple which pumped up fans. Along with releasing his teasers Khalid directied, acted in and released a movie also titled Free Spirit, to promote the album. The movie was playing in theaters one day only, if you were able to go see the movie you were in for a big treat.

I went into the movie expecting to see a documentary about the making of the album but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie told a story of a girl who felt like she was trapped, she wanted to be free so she ran away with her friends. The group of friends go an adventure together, driving around the country, living their best lives. Some of the friends realize this life isn’t for them and head back home, Lady Bug, the main girl, refuses to leave and continues to go on her way with three other friends. They run into some trouble on the way, slowly her friends disappear one by one and at the movie ends with Lady Bug being all alone. The movie was honestly amazing, I would really enjoy watching it again and if it so happens to be released on any streaming website I would recommend it.

At the very end of the movie. Khalid treated fans to an album listening party! As a hardcore fan of Khalid I sat in the audience listening to the album crying. Every song on the album was so nice to listen to, the album contains 16 songs including one bonus track. Khalid is one of the only artists to hold the top five spots on the Hot 100 Billboard’s List. Each one of the songs makes you feel different emotions, whether it is happy, sad, like your not alone. Free Spirit is one of the best albums released in 2019 and I would 100 percent recommend you listen to it.