Back to the block


Cristina Herrera '19, Copy Editor


Ruby is back.

For a year on Twitter, fans of the Netflix series On My Block have tweeted their wishes for Olivia’s death and Ruby’s survival. The character and actress (Ronni Hawk) received hate when fans found out that Hawk is not actually Mexican and that she is a Trump supporter. The fans wishes came true when season two was aired on March 29, 2019.

This new season of On My Block left Olivia behind and seemed to focus more on the struggles Ruby goes through while mourning her death. The audience is presented with multiple scenes in which Ruby cries and expresses the pain he goes through. Hispanic fans showed their love for this on all forms of social media, saying that they love how the directors allowed the male characters to break the norms of machismo. Machismo is simply a word in Spanish meaning “strong or aggressive masculine pride”, as told by

The audience is also exposed to multiple relationship problems. Monse and Cesar face ultimatums, cheating, and long distance. Their relationship fluctuates throughout the ten episodes although they always end up together again.

Arguably, season one was the better of the two. The newest season seems less relatable to the average teenager. Yes, high school students face cheating, relationship problems, financial problems, and people they do not like, but most of them do not face gang violence in the way Cesar does. During the whole season, Cesar is running from gang violence, tries to shoot someone (for the second time), and gets kidnapped. Although it’s entertaining and suspenseful, I personally fell in love with On My Block because it seemed so relatable. Due to this, season two was a bit of a disappointment.