New lunch policy


Alexandra Boulton, Reporter

The lunch policy allowing students to leave the cafeteria has been revised, requiring not only permission from the staff member/teacher who fills out the pass but also a signature from an administrator. This policy will be enforced through the end of the year but it has not been decided if it will continue into the 2019-2020 school year.

Earlier this year, every teacher was to write their lunch (A, B, or C) and list the students that were allowed to eat in their room in a master spreadsheet that would then be printed out weekly and a monitor standing near the lunchroom doors would check to make sure that students are only leaving if they are on the list.

However, after the change to the master list, there were too many students walking around the hallway during lunch.

“We noticed during a problem and tried to resolve it but the problem came back,” Principal Wegher said.

So far the response from students and staff have been better than expected with fewer students in the hall and less stress for administrators and those who patrol the hallways.