Why going to prom solo is okay


Shirley Davis '19, Reporter

Prom season is slowly approaching for the graduating seniors and one thing that gets people worked up is having a date. So the real question is, Do you really need a date for prom?
Normally in society you would need a date but nowadays you don’t because it’s not a requirement.
Prom isn’t just about showing up with a date and how good you guys look but it’s about your official last night at a high school event.You don’t need to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to attend prom, you could simply go with a guy/girl friend/best friend or go with a group of friends. I feel as though prom wouldn’t be so bad without a date because it won’t be so stressful having to get the color to match correctly with the dress and it gives you opportunity to do what you want at prom.
“Most people want to go with someone special but then again they could want to do their own thing at prom,” senior Desmond Cleveland commented.
Not having a date for prom should not jeopardize you from going to one of the biggest nights of your high school career as some people say. Half of the time when you don’t have a date it’s sort of fun in a way so all the cameras can be on you.
Honestly majority of people who do attend their high school prom are most likely to show up alone and just dance and talk amongst their friends which isn’t a problem at all to some people. In my opinion going with friends is way better than a boyfriend or girlfriend because who’s to say the relationship doesn’t last too long and you wasted that important moment when you could have enjoyed it with life long friends even.
Going solo will not be the end of the world but it could mean enjoying prom 100 percent more without a date than with a date according to Emily Kelley who wrote an article (on Bustle.com) about how she went to prom alone and how it wasn’t so bad.
She explained in her story how going to prom dateless had to be the best decision she has made and she enjoyed it way better. She gave tips on how gong dateless won’t be as stressful as having a date and it’s less expensive which is true because an average teen boy and girl spend a lot of money alone.
Most people may want a date just so they could be in a viral video on social media of one of the biggest and best promposal there has ever been. Or maybe according to senior Tajuan Edmonds, “It’s better to have a date because you will be able to do stuff afterwards” which is true but not only could you do stuff afterwards with your date you could spend that extra time with very close friends.
For example you could take your date out to dinner or maybe a movie. If you wanted to make your date’s night extra special you could do something a little different and plan a “romantic” date after just for the two of you. Also if you are hanging out with friends most people even throw big parties after prom which could be fun if you went alone.
So instead of being upset because you can’t find the perfect date for your special night kick back and go solo and have the best time of your life.