Go big or go home

Go big or go home

Alexys Sciatto '19, Reporter


Will you let me pressure you into going to prom with me by asking you in front of everyone and if you say no you’ll look like a bad person?

Why are grand romantic gestures so popular over small intimate gestures of affection?

“So that the other person is guilt tripped into saying yes,” said senior Erica Finley.

“People are show-offs,” answered junior Shawn Sayyae.

“You’re never gonna get the chance to do it again,” commented senior Hailee Melow.

“People ask in unique ways because it makes the receiver feel special and adds to the tradition that’s been created for promposals,” explained senior Dezmond Blair.

It’s prom season, so a lot of seniors, and some juniors, are participating in what we know to be promposals. The build up to prom has led to many seniors pairing off for the night that some have looked forward to since they were kids. So is having a date important?

Blair doesn’t think so, as “there’s many other ways to have fun at a dance even without a date”.

Senior Alexis Gregoire agrees, saying, “Having a prom date isn’t life or death but I believe it’s an awesome feeling to go with someone you’re super into”.

Feeling awesome is what prom’s about. So students should feel good when asking someone, or being asked, to prom. Everyone was happy to gush about how cute their significant other was when they asked them or about what they liked about asking their date.

“I liked the timing when I asked, during a week where we weren’t able to spend a lot of time together to remind her how much I care,” said LaNyah Patwin, a senior here at John Glenn.

Of course there isn’t a perfect promposal, there’s always a complication in asking. From the weather being too cold to their liking, to not actually saying the words to their date. But that all just adds a bit of human pizzazz to prom.

But is there such a thing as too much pizzazz?

Multiple teachers at John Glenn have commented on how overly extravagant we are with asking one another, saying that, “if you wanted to ask someone to prom you would just ask them ‘do you want to go to prom with me?’ and that was it”.

Prom will continue to be a big milestone for teenagers. But the ways in which promposal traditions will be amped up in the years after the senior class has all graduated is unknown.

No matter if your promposal was big or small, or you didn’t ask anyone at all, prom carries many special moments for seniors, coupled up or not. Just hope they said yes.