Do you like school?

Jalen Hamilton '19, Reporter

Do I like school? The answer is no; but some students do enjoy school, in fact I think we all enjoy some aspects of school: our friends, the relationships we form, the memories we make. On the contrary, there are also aspects of school we despise, or maybe it’s the education system in general. To me it just seems like we are doing busy work, classwork or homework with no relevance to the real world. So then school starts to feel like prison, or a cage of some sort. The better question is: what are we supposed to do when we leave prison? We can’t pay our taxes with the slope formula, neither can we pay our bills with the Pythagorean theorem.

Then again we learn some of our most essential social development skills in school, we make lifelong friends and memories. See it’s not the ideal of school I dislike, it’s what actually goes on in school. The learning experience can be greatly improved to fit the students’ needs, to cater to his or her life after high school. I also think teachers should try a little harder to connect with students on a personal level, or just a level of understandment. Sometimes it’s important to look at situations from all perspectives: that’s how you make the best judgment, that’s how you teach the best lessons. Students and teachers are on the same team and I think some instructors fail to realize that.  

Even if all of these ideas are replicated I feel like students would still dislike school, that’s something we can’t change. but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve the learning experience. Not everyone will enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn, or doing homework until midnight; or not using your electronics in class; but those variables cannot be controlled. What we can control is the way we do things; our learning experience should be a combined effort, meaning we have to work together to achieve greatness and not work against ourselves.  

So, no: I don’t like school as of right now, but I am open for change–it has to start somewhere.