Senior spread


Kiara Steward '19, Reporter

With under 20 days left,  it’s important for seniors to reflect on the experience we all had here.

A lot of times when you talk to people who are adults a large percentage of them tell you how much they miss high school and their fond memories the four years they spent there. That makes me wonder what we truly cherish about this experience, who made it better, who deserves a thank you, and what you will take from here and use in the real world.

        Majority of the seniors agree that they will take the things they learned about themselves, other people, and the world in general, and apply it to their lives forever.

“Being in high school has taught me a lot about my character and the person that I am at this point of my life.” says senior Lauren Rowe, “As much I disliked coming to school everyday I appreciate the experience it has provided me with.”

       It’s important for us as students to not always focus on the negative aspects of coming to school. Of course 99.9% of us hate getting up at the crack of dawn to go to school monday through friday! However, that’s not what we should get wrapped up in especially as us seniors are coming to a close so soon. As it gets closer to the finish line those are not the kind of things you think about anyways, instead you think about the all the fun times and good memories you have had at our school.

        “I will really miss high school honestly, I met a lot of amazing people here and it’ll be sad to say goodbye to them.” said senior David Hall, “I am thankful for this school and the staff that I’ve connected with and all that they’ve taught me!”

         Over the four years we all have spent here it’s essential to reflect on the most important lesson we learned at our school. What was the one thing that really opened your eyes to something new?

          Senior Tiarra Rembert stated, “I would have to say the most important thing I learned from high school is that everyone is different in their own way. From learning that I learned that people shouldn’t be judged for who they are because we are all unique.”

          Our staff works really hard to ensure that the students are prepared and ready to go out into the real world. Although the students may not show it all the time we really do appreciate all that the staff does for us day in and day out. At least one adult in this school has made a positive impact on each and every one of us, and have made this a better experience.

          “I really appreciate the staff and all that they’ve done to help make this experience better and easier for all of us in the long run.” says senior Kayla Myle.

           Overall the senior class would like to thank all the things and people in this school that has shaped us into the people we are now. Most of the lessons we were taught here we will keep with us forever.