Summer School

Alexys Sciatto '19, Reporter

Summer school was canceled for the Wayne-Westland district.

“No summer school was not an option,” Principal Wegher said when asked about how the decision to use this new summer school plan came to be.

Counselor Kathryn Dreyer as well as principal Wegher both informed that each school in the Wayne-Westland district were supposed to create their own summer school plan and submit it.

What can the failing students of John Glenn do to make-up the failed classes?

The decision came to be that every student that would like to enroll in summer school will cost them $200 to attend for five weeks, from July 24 to Aug. 1, not including the week off for the fourth of July. Students will attend Monday through Thursday. You can take as many classes you need in those weeks, starting with two classes and you can add more as you go.

A total of 60 seats open for John Glenn students.

Juniors and seniors get first picks on June 21, as that is registration. Any and all leftover seats are up for grabs for the sophomores and freshmen on June 24.

The reason for these changes were attendance based, A.K.A. no one showed up, costing the district too much money. Staff at John Glenn knew our students needed a summer schooling option, and this is the plan the school has for the year.

Failure is not an option, and if you do fail, it’ll cost you $200 and five weeks of your summer vacation.