Gaining aTRACKtion


Tiyanna Harris '20, Reporter

Track and field has noticeably gained more participants. Red tracksuits can be seen throughout hallways especially on Tuesdays. Track practice is held everyday immediately after school.
Athletic Director Mr. Eric Schambers said the best way to join the JGHS track team would be to reach out to the coach, John Aho. A physical on file is a requirement. Schambers also stated that track and field is suitable for any athlete.
One of the most prominent issues the United States faces is poor health choices. Specifically nutrition and fitness. This is not to be confused with developing nations who don’t have the proper resources the U.S. possesses. At least one hour of physical activity is recommended for people who don’t have serious medical concerns. However, with convenience and pure laziness less and less kids are mobile.
Joining a team of any kind provides support and character building for the individual who joins. School related activities is an accessible way to learn and grow with one’s peers.
Though exercise is one of the main component of most athletic practices it is not the only thing that matters. Senior Tylor Robinson says running and dancing is the best part of track and field.
Deonta Pearson, junior, commented that he joined track to “stay in shape and [its] competitive nature.”
With laziness becoming the new usual, discipline and consistency is becoming scarce. Though tryouts and practice can be daunting for practically anything, it is important to take those difficult steps. Those steps lead to growth and essential character development.