What’s new in votech?

Madison Loyd '21, Reporter

Votech helps your career in the long run and it helps you to get a job. Votech offers Media production, Culinary, early childhood, robotics, wilden, graphic print, and a lot more.

Even though we refer votech as ‘votech’ that’s not the proper way to say it.

“Votech is an old term” secretary Karen Truesdell told me.The state sees votech as a career-tech center. This is the correct way to say it.

Votech is all year around and while there is morning and afternoon votech there is no difference between the two it simply matters what schulde you have. In order to take votech you have to be in the 11th or 12th grade.

Teachers at votech are limited do to the fact they only teach a limited amount of subjects so they don’t need that many teachers.  Some of the teachers at votech are Ms.Teffer who teaches digital media, Mr.Oddi who teaches media production, Ms.Vaughan who teaches early childhood, and Mr.Kolezer who teaches construction tech II.

Students are allowed to come through any door when their done with votech.

Senior Atonyk Hunter says a lot of people told her about votech and that’s what encouraged her to take it.

“I like taking votech because it brings out a lot of opportunities for your future” Hunter commented.

“I take tech because I want to learn about the construction trade and I’m very handy with my hands,” senior Nikko Faison said.

Faison takes construction tech two. Which is basically a group of students that learn construction by building a house for the city of Westland.

Votech allows senior Jesson Belser to be familiar with his career as a movie maker, Belser took votech to try out new things.

Over all votech is a extra program to help kids prepare themselves for their future.