Black excellence

Madison Loyd '21, Reporter

Angie Thomas, a gifted NYT- bestselling author was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She is a young african-american writer who else well known for her story The Hate U Give. She was a young teen rapper, inspired by Tupac Shakur, who felt a range of emotions when listening to his music.

African american writers aren’t often recognized and for Thomas to have a number one seller is big.

When Thomas was six years old she witnessed a shootout. The following day her mother took her to a library for comfort. This inspired her to start writing.

She attended Belhaven University , a private Christian school in Mississippi. Here she earned a BFA which is a bachelors in fine arts. In college Thomas wrote a lot of stories, however she feared if people would take them serious. However when she spoke to one of her professors they suggested that she could speak out for people like her,  that her stories were disentive, and it could cause people who have been silent to speak up. She was the first African-American to graduate in creative writing.

The many shootings such as Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland and more were major influences on her novel The Hate U Give. Thomas is well known for this book, which was made into a movie in 2018. The goal of her work is to shine light on the issues that people of color have gone through and and to shed more light onto the Black Lives Matter movement. Her novel is currently number one nation wide.

She has recently released her new novel On The Come Up, which is based on a sixteen-year-old girl who wants to be a rapper but has big shoes to fill. Due to the fact her dad died before he could make it big and her and her mom are struggling to pay bills.

People all over the world read, people of every color or race and when you read something nine times out of ten you picture that image in your head. So if you’re reading something that minority of people go through helps other people understand what we go through. Thomas is simply reaching out to people to help them understand why we feel the way we feel. She’s showing the world why we have movements like black lives matter.