Madison Loyd '21, Reporter

Black women you deserve better.” -Chance the Rapper. A quote that caused so much controversy when another woman commented “All women deserve better.”  

Black women on a daily basises get discredited or disrespected (for what?) . It seems every time we try to have something for ourselves we get shamed or bashed for it.

“This tweet doesn’t invalidate women of every other race. It celebrates black women. Take a timeout and learn the difference.” A woman on twitter commented.

Take the hashtag #blacklivesmatter as an example. Then they came up with #alllivesmatter, however it had nothing to do with them. Black lives are the ones in danger, dying in the streets by the hands of caucasian police officers. Everytime it happens, their excuse is that they were “fearing for their life”, When in most cases this is not true at all. White lives were not in danger at the time however they still found a way to make it about ‘everyone’ when the truth is they were just mad or sad that they weren’t incorporated. Yes, don’t get me wrong all lives do matter and yes, all women do deserve better but we are talking about black people here.

Women do so much for the world alone and people take it for granted everyday. Or, we get downgraded simply because of our gender. A woman in a hospital might be mistaken for a nurse instead of a surgeon or doctor, but why? because they think we aren’t capable of doing the work that ‘men are supposed to do.’ Women give the gift of life without us who would reproduce? Who would make the next entrepreneur or groundbreaking scientist? Men are scientifically unable to carry a child.

Women everyday are called too emotional or too weak. Black women in particular are called ‘to loud’ or ‘ghetto’ because of the way we handle certain situations. How about we were tired of not being heard of being looked over so we spoke up.  Maybe we wanted to be heard for once, to not be looked over, to be listened to for once. You see, when black lives were in danger and getting killed left and right all on social media little to no whites had anything to utter.

Let’s take black panther as an example. People felt a certain way because the movie was ALL African Americans. But they make movies everyday where there’s only one or two black people and they have a really small role or dies. And we don’t say anything we watch the movies we applaud the movies we don’t bash them because there were little black people in it. It seems to me that when it has nothing to do with them it’s a problem but if it doesn’t include us they don’t care.

Oh, and what about our hair, If we slick down our baby hairs its unprofessional, ghetto, or tacky. However when a Caucasian does it it’s cute, sensational, stylish. Today’s society undermines a lot of things and/or people. However we as black women gets under minded to much. So yes, black women we do deserve better.