University vs. Trade school

Madison Loyd '21, Reporter

What’s the difference between a university, a trade school and community college? Sometimes college isn’t for everyone, some people don’t have the grades, the funds to attend college. There is also a set of people that simply don’t want to go to college.
Trade school is a post-secondary educational institution designed to train students for a specific job. In trade school you get hands-on training to prepare you for the career you wish to pursue: such as welding, electrical work, plumbing, and carpentry. Another benefit of attending trade school is you can start when the time is right for you. They offer multiple starting dates throughout the whole year. You can also get your degree faster depending on the career choice you decided to make.
Community college offers two year degrees known as associate’s. The credits from a community college will usually transfer to a four year university. For many, the cost of community college is appealing: Schoolcraft is $4,384 (in state). The traditional four-year university isn’t for everyone; some students don’t know what they want to study for yet and some are simply looking for a more affordable education.
There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to attend a university. However, society, and some parents make it seem as though there is. A lot of seniors and underclassmen as well are pressured into going to a four-year university because ‘a university is better than community college.’ Trade schools have been de-emphasized a lot. If you’re attending trade school you’ll have way more experience because you’re focusing on that one thing that you want to make a living doing.
Universities, however, offer certain things that most community colleges don’t, such as campus facilities, many academic majors, opportunities for internships, graduate studies, and sports. They also have more student life, which means you’ll be more social and have a lot more to do.
Either way it goes they’re all good options to go to and should be held at the same standards. It should also be based off of the student and what they desire to do with their life. And they shouldn’t be judged or shamed for it.