$1000 for two minutes and thirty seconds

Lexi Grim '21, Page Designer

      There are about 3.3 million all star cheerleaders in the United states. And about 1.3 million are frequent participants who cheer more than 60 days per year. Before we go on let us talk about the difference between all star cheerleading and all of the different types of cheerleading.

      There is a big difference between All Star and School Cheerleading. Non-cheerleaders may not realize or understand the differences between them. Although they all share some of the same concepts–such as stunts, tumbling, cheers, and motions–they also differ. For all star cheerleading you have to pay between 200 dollars to 1,000 dollars for your uniform, about 10 dollars for your makeup,more than 500 dollars for music, 20 to 40 dollars for your bow, and 20 to 50 dollars just to practice, trying out you have an entry fee of 20 dollars, and competitions are a range from 50 dollars to 100 dollars. Grade school you pay for a bow that is about 10 dollars and maybe a couple of other things. For all star most of the teams spend 1 to 6 hours at the gym practicing, 1 to 5 days a week plus extra practices. The teams have males and females, most start off at a young age about five years of age.

      These athletes come from all over some from athletes from Michigan will leave their friends and family’s just to go to cheer for a team in California because it is their dream and that’s what they feel that they were born to do. They do it because they wanna be the best of the best!

      Some athletes will go to a competition and compete on a broken ankle or with a broken leg or with a concussion but they choose to be because they have been practicing and preparing for those two minutes and thirty seconds.

      So why do we spend all of this time and ,money and put ourselves through all of this pain? Because it is what we live for, it is what we love to do. Being on that mat with your teammates doing what you love to do is the best feeling in the world, no one can fully explain the exact way that they feel but when you step foot on that 54 by 42 full spring mat, When your about to start there is a judge’s table in the middle of the crowed in the front and there are these bright lights that stare you down the whole routine. you take a deep breath and the music starts. When it starts you can tell if it’s going to be the best routine that you have ever done or it’s going to be the worse.

       The biggest cheer competition is worlds that takes place at Disney world in Orlando, Florida. thousands of cheerleaders come head to head to see who will be the next national champions, you never know who will win.

      Cheerleading is a team sport so if one person does not do well then the whole team doesn’t. Judges don’t care if there is only one person on the team is not doing their job, they will just mark it down and take points off.

      Cheerleading is what I love to do; I am in a gym between one to four days a week, I am at the gym from eight o’clock in the morning till four o’clock in the afternoon. I coach when I am not practicing. I cheer because I love the thrill of it and all of the attention that I get with it. I love how hard we have to work and how competitive it is because you never know who will win and who will lose. I love how I can show off all of my skills and can do what I love with the people I love. I love all of the uniforms and the makeup and the bows and the danger!