No bells for passing time

Morgan Prater '19, Reporter

Beginning on Apr. 10 for SAT testing, the school bells we have been so dependent on were cut off. In order to not disturb testers the bells were suspended. Sadly, the bells did not return at the end of SAT testing due to makeup tests and students who needed accommodations for their testing. It is important for the students that are testing to have no distractions so they can focus. These standardized tests can determine a lot about the future of the students.

Students have varying opinions about not having bells. Some find it necessary to break free from the controls of alarms whereas other see it as necessary to stay on track. The administration is working on a way to switch things up. Rather than having harsh bells they want to find a more conducive way to tell students they need to be in class.

Principal Mr. Wegher surveyed the staff to figure out how they feel about the felt that the school cannot run properly without bells to maintain structure. Other teachers felt that the bells do not do that much to control the students in the first place.

“I actually had quite a few staff members come forward and say ‘we like it with no bells and we’re not seeing that much of a difference in tardies. It’s about the same as what it was,’” Wegher said.

The bells were turned back on Apr. 25 and the students returned to their normal schedule. Wegher plans to continue discussing the options with staff and students and possibly implement a new plan next year.

“I am one of the biggest people struggling with no bells because I am very detail oriented; I very much want things down to the schedule I want them down to,” Wegher said. “But this is not about me and that is where we have to give this a look.”