Do you push your parents buttons?


Abigal Said '19, Reporter

What’s your name?

Lisa Said

How many children do you have?

Five, six if you include my husband

Do all of your children irritate you? Why?

Always. All of my children irritate me during various situations. They often choose not to follow the directions or rules or expectations set forth by this parent (Lisa). Or (they) engage in repetitive annoying behaviors over and over and over.

What’s the most irritating thing I have ever done to you?

Not going to bed, ignoring, not responding to me, and not listening when I say “stop” 300 times.

Which child pushes your buttons the most? Why?

No one child pushes my buttons the most. But at times each child can be more irritating than the other. Currently it’s your brother, Adam. He does continuous, repetitive, vocal sounds. For example, non-stop singing, repeating of one or two words, tapping, running and jumping, and making stupid noises.

Do you push your mom (my grandma’s buttons)? Have you ever?

I’m sure I have. Probably in the past, I’m not sure about now though.

Additional statements:

My kids are great, they just don’t listen and frustrate me.

Sometimes my kids act like they can’t do anything (chores) around the house, but they should be contributing to the family.

You guys (the kids) don’t follow simple expectations that have always been in place. For example, like  your (my) younger siblings not brushing their teeth or getting dressed in a timely manner.

When you guys (her kids) know to do something and just don’t do it. Like putting clothes away, or sweeping.

I have expectations for all of my kids that need to be followed. All of my kids have chores, things they need to get done. Even if they know to do the chores, they won’t.