Should decorating caps be allowed?


Shirley Davis '19, Reporter

Graduation is nothing but days away and our seniors are preparing for their big day. Now normally other high schools you see are able to decorate their caps but here at John Glenn High School we are not able to do such a thing.

Most seniors find it a bummer that we are not able to do so because we are the ones who purchase the cap and gowns and they’re ours to keep, also some students are disappointed because they want their parents to be able to spot them out especially in a crowd of hundreds of students.

Senior Monica Carter said, “I want to let them know that I made it and be unique and different.” Which is a very true statement because not everybody wants to be like everyone else and they want to be seen by their parents. Graduation is a very crowded and loud ceremony especially when different families are cheering for their child walking across the stage it’ll be hard to spot that child out and/or hear their name being called.

Having their caps decorated I feel that the students’ families would be less focused on looking for their child because they would know what they have on their cap to make them easily spotted before their name is called.

Even though it’s district policy for graduation day that it is not allowed but I feel like we should be able to decorate the caps but those who really want to should get approval from an administrator before being able to go on with the decoration. I think it’ll be fun for everybody and it’ll make graduation more entertaining with all the creative things that you see.

The main reason most seniors believe that we aren’t able to decorate our caps is because the school is afraid that we would place inappropriate images or words/quotes on top of our caps for a professional event.

I feel as though they should give a chance to the students and take away the opportunity from the immature students that display inappropriate images on their cap. I’d see if it was a loan cap and gown like most schools do but we purchase them with our own money or even parents money.

There are a lot of schools who allow their students to decorate their caps for graduation but some don’t because of inappropriate things being put on it or the simple fact that they loan their graduation attire to those who are graduating.

Decorating would be a fun way to express ourselves and show everyone how excited are that we finally completed high school.