Settling for less in today’s society

Alexa Richardson '21, Reporter

In today’s society, do we live in a world of settling for less? Not just settling in a relationship, not just at your job or with schoolwork, but settling for less than what you know you can achieve in all aspects of life.

“In general, people would rather be comfortable than reach their full potential,” English teacher Mr. Bradley said. However, why we choose to be more comfortable than fulfilled is the real question. When we are comfortable and content where we are, we choose to stay in that comfort zone, instead of pushing ourselves to explore all available options and be the best version of ourselves. Why do we take such pride in ourselves that we are too afraid to fail?

If we choose to believe that our potential is fulfilled where it is now, we will never be able to move forward. We will never achieve our potential or continue to evolve not only in our personal endeavors, but as a human race. How would we evolve into a greater, better society in the future, if everyone settled for the bare minimum?

If every person in the past had the mindset of settling, where would we be in the world today? How advanced would we be in our society now if certain important figures who did great things settled, and didn’t push themselves?

What would happen if everyone had the mindset of not settling? If every person strives to fulfill all of their aspirations, who would be at the bottom on the social pyramid? Who would do the jobs that make our community function? Not to mention the possible outbreak of quarrels between everyone who is trying to be the best. Do we need some people to just settle to make our society function?

Settling for so long in certain aspects has built the foundation of our society, and made our world be able to work as a whole unit. If we didn’t have people who settled, then we would most likely be in a more technologically and socially advanced society. Thinking in this aspect, settling has also become a daily occurrence for most. Not only settling in the big things like your job and relationships, but also daily decisions such as what to eat for breakfast or what to wear that day.

In life, everything is a choice. The choice of settling for less, will in the end leave you with a lack of fulfillment and an underlying feeling of complacency.

The people who tend to settle are afraid to risk their comfort for something they may fail at. Most of society is ill prepared to deal with failure, which is why most people settle. This will in the end lead to people living a life with a lack of meaning and purpose.

Is this the life you want to live? Will you be okay living a life of mediocrity?

Will you settle?