College decision day celebrates seniors’ choices


Senior Nyah Phillips (third from right) poses with GLP representatives as she accepts her scholarship check. Photo courtesy Kellie Pennock.

Madison Loyd '21, Reporter

May 3 was an exciting day for our seniors this year. It was decision day, a day students celebrate the college they have chosen to go to and turn in all those fees! This day is celebrated all around the world, to some people it’s a big deal but to others it’s just another day.

It’s a day full of fun and excitement (or a few hours give or take). The school sets up activities for the students to do and they have speakers who just graduated the year before. The speakers tell them the do’s and don’ts of what to do their freshman year and share their personal experiences and stories.  

On this day you’re expected to show school spirit to the school you want to go to. Most people just wear shirts with the school’s name they plan on attending on it. Then there’s others who go all out!

They did a lot of activities to fund decision day.

Such as ‘stuck for a buck’ which is when students got the change to tape Mrs. Kellie, our college adviser, to the cafeteria wall. This took place on Apr. 12 at all lunches and each duct tape stick cost $1.

Another activity they had was ‘dollars for scholars’, which was when students brought in all their spare change to their second hour for three days (Apr. 15-17). The second hour who had the most money won a pizza party.

Their last fundraiser was the ‘staff challenge’ from Apr. 22 through 26. On these days students and staff could purchase raffle tickets. One ticket cost $1 and if you spent $5 then you would get ten tickets. The more raffle tickets you buy, the higher your chance of winning. There was four staff members to choose from for your raffle tickets.  On decision day May 3 students got the chance to pie one of the staff members in the face. One raffle ticket from each teacher was pulled and that student was given the opportunity to pie the teacher.

This year it was set up in gym five, and taking place during fifth and sixth hour. All seniors were supposed to attend and the ones in p.m vo-tech were released early to go to the assembly.