Perception vs reality

Alexa Richardson '21, Reporter

People in the world see reality through their own eyes and their own perspective. Reality is unchanging; it is fact.

Reality may be what is actually happening, but perception is what you make the truth out to be. Everyone sees the same event, but everyone has a different view of what occurred.

Some would say that reality in itself changes from person to person. However, reality is as things exist and as they truly are, which each of us perceives a different way.

Junior Johnny Ilvento stated that “Reality depends on how a person’s life is, and what situations they may have gone through.”

Some people believe their perception is reality, which is almost never true. What people perceive a situation to be like is what they typically believe to be true, or what is really happening.

We view situations and take in things that happen a different way than what they truly are. We view situations differently based on who we are as a person, past experiences, and personal beliefs. This causes every person to analyze a situation differently, take in different things in a given situation or even notice things that others may not.

“Every person has a different perception on what is happening in their life, that just makes the person who they are,” sophomore Shannon Blevins stated.

However, isn’t reality a concept that no one in the world can truly know? If everyone perceives things a different way than how it truly occurs, then no one can really comprehend what is happening in reality.

In a way our whole lives are fabricated by ourselves. We make our own reality out to be what we want to see in the world. We perceive things differently than how they actually occur in society and others around us.

“Perception and reality are very important concepts that affect everyone in the world differently,” sophomore Karina Vazquez stated.

So what is more important: the way we perceive things or the way things truly are?

Is the way we react to things or what we take in from situations what truly affects people? Or, is it the way that things really are, the fact of the matter, that makes all the difference? Sidebar #1 Perception vs Reality