Varsity soccer


Photo credits to Nina Scarpelli

Varsity soccer player Nishan Tolu darting towards the ball.

Alexa Richardson '21, Reporter

Varsity soccer is having a very atypical season with six wins, seven tied games, and four losses. This has left multiple varsity players extremely proud and hopeful for the rest of the season.

“It’s been a solid year, we’ve lost and tied some games we should’ve won but we are moving forward as a unit and all progressing as the year rolls on,” junior Brendan Balko stated.

Varsity Soccer is having a very successful season which is opening doors for players, such as senior Blake Grove who recently won Athlete of the Week. For many boys on varsity soccer, just like Grove, playing for Glenn is not just something they do for fun, it is something that they want to take further than just the field.

However, the boys have made many improvements on the field which has lead them to this great season.

“Being competitive in every game is a huge achievement, and the progress I have seen our program make the last four years has been inspiring,” senior Blake Grove stated. “We have managed lots of hard-fought wins this season.” Many players stated how the soccer program has progressed and how the teammates have not only progressed individually but also as a team. Having a competitive mindset has not only lead the team in an impressive record, it has also lead to a few major wins. According to Balko, a huge highlight of the season was beating school rivals Wayne Memorial, not only once, but two times. Achieving these hard-fought wins and getting ready to play has not been an easy task either.

“We try to stay focused hours before the game and in warmups, some of our players also motivate everyone to get game ready,” Balko said.

Keeping this in-focus attitude, the soccer team has earned an impressive record of 6-7-4, which puts the team at a 76 percent winning or tying percentage.

To bring the season to a close, the rockets varsity soccer team suffered a tough 2-4 loss against Crestwood for districts. However, with a quite impressive record, players have overall had a great season.

Junior Alex Salisbury stated that “It was the most successful season we’ve had since I’ve been in high school.”

With a successful season and happy teammates, varsity soccer should be proud.