Do Friends Have An Impact On You?

Lexi Grim '21, page designer

      Do your friends have an impact on your thoughts and actions? 80 percent say yes, 20 percent say no, what do students have to say?

      Senior Devin Strohschein said “Yes, friends can ultimately sway an opinion one way or another because most people want to do what’s considered cool or socially correct,”

      Sophomore Kaley Solberg said “We believe even the slightest positive influence has the potential to change a child’s life,”

      Sophomore Summer Charboneau says “No, I am my own person!” junior Kyle s says “yes, because you are around them so much that you just adapt to the way they act and think,”

      Sophomore Ayden Collins said “You gotta do what you gotta do,”

      Sophomore Garrett Schwemle said “ My best friend helps me do what’s best for me,”

      Sophomore Brandon Gaskin said, “Yes, 100% because whenever you’re about to so something like, ask a girl out or play a sport you always ask your friends opinion!”

      Freshmen Alyssa Mobley “I don’t let my friends influence my thoughts or actions because then I’m not thinking for myself with my own opinions or thoughts, i’m thinking with theirs,”

      Sophomore Carson Stassen said “Life is like a wave, you have to appreciate the highs to be patient with the lows. Just know the tide will always change,”

      Sophomore Micah “My friends influence me in many ways especially since the friends I am closest to, happen to be a considerable age older than me. I’ve been able to learn through their experiences and stories and those either cause me to or prevent me from making the same decisions they did,”

      Junior Logan Valente said, “Your friend group influences you because you’re surrounding yourself with people you want to be like and that are like you”

      Sophomore Ian Horde said “Always live life to the fullest because, you never know when your life will end,”

      Sophomore Justin cox, “I’d have to say yes to that. I feel like social acceptance is important especially at our age and sometimes it pushes us to do things that we don’t really want to”

      Sophomore Kevin Polocoaster said “My friends do have an influence on my thoughts and actions, but they aren’t bad influences. My friends influence me to do better in school and get better grades because a lot of them are in more advanced classes than me. It shows me that even while doing sports and other physically and or mentally exhausting activities getting a 4.0 is able to be accomplished. They also inspire me to do better because they do a lot better than me and we have the same learning environment, so that means i shouldn’t have a problem with exceeding even my own expectations and get a 4.0.”