The best a man can get


Alexa Richardson '21, Reporter

Who would think that a commercial promoting creating a better future, creating better men, would cause such an uproar?

Gillette, a men’s razor and shaving products company, has recently put out an extremely controversial commercial commenting on the men of today.

The commercial has pictures of bullying, sexual assault and harassment, physical fighting and more. However, other men in this commercial break up fights, stop their friends from making women uncomfortable, and overall just behave like civilized human beings.

Throughout the commercial, inspirational remarks are stated such as a quote from Terry Cruz stating that “men need to hold other men accountable”. Then the narrator goes on to say that “some already are, in ways big and small, but some is not enough.”

The main goal in the commercial is that Gillette is trying to identify the problem, say that not everyone is doing this, but then also state that just some people making the right choices is not enough.

However, some are saying that Gillette is out of place to be making political statements being a razor company. They feel that Gillette is abusing their use of having a platform by “forcing” this idea on their customers. As stated on, some feel that Gillette is trying to “shame an entire class of people” in the commercial.

“The Gillette ad is not anti-men, it’s anti-toxic masculinity” according to Meaning that, the commercial is not against men in general, it is against exaggerated masculine traits such as being violent, sexually aggressive, unemotional, and more.

Most people would probably agree that bullying, sexual assault and harassment, and physical fighting are wrong, it is just the deliverance of the message that most do not agree with.

Others say that they do not disagree with the overall idea of what is in the commercial, they just do not feel it will make any change.

“The people that like the commercial will continue to try and change their ways as before but the people offended by the commercial will continue to ignore the things they are doing wrong and stay hard headed,” freshman Madysen Steele stated. In other words, the wrong men will listen to the message of the commercial and the men who truly need to change will not listen.

However, even if the commercial itself will not convince people to change, this is creating “talk” about the issue at hand. That is the only way that we will make change.

As stated in the commercial itself, “it’s only by challenging ourselves to do more that we can get closer to our best.”