Graduating Baseball


Lexi Grim '21, page designer

     Senior Chad Stevens said, “This team has shown a lot of heart and fight as we have battled through big wins and tough losses but continued to stay on the path of winning and I believe it will remain this way!”

      “A personal accomplishment this season for me personally is, I made a spectacular play thanks to Chad Stevens,” Senior Cody Pinard said.

      On June 1st, the baseball team has a big district game the same day as graduation, there are ten seniors on the team. MHSA scheduled that day, which is when they hold softball and baseball districts. The problem they have with changing it is that they have a contract with Eastern Michigan for graduation. In order to change it they would have to, in the future, look at a different date to have graduation.

      Senior Cody Pinard said, “I really feel like us seniors should not have to make that decision of choosing to play an important baseball game or walking across a stage that we have been working towards for thirteen years, it is just not fair to us because we have to choose between the two and whatever we choose we will regret not choosing the other.”

      Athletic director Mr. Schambers says, “It is a tough decision, a decision that I would not want any kid to ever have to be in, but fortunately it is supposed to work out to where they can do both, play their game that they have been practicing so hard for and all of the games that they have played that have led up to the big game and walk across the stage that they have been working towards for over thirteen years!”

      “Plymouth is the host site for this and they have worked with us to arrange the game so it accommodates kids going to graduation, being able to leave graduation at the end and still making it in time for the baseball game. The same is true with Wayne Memorial and soft ball so that Wayne Memorial could get that game in and the girls would have time to then go to graduation after.”  Schambers said.

      He went on to say, “In the end I hope that down the line we can all work together and find a solution so that we do not have to put kids in this position because it is very tough, no one wants to rush out of graduation, no one wants to miss either because they have worked so hard for both.”