The glorification of toxic romance


Alexa Richardson '21, Reporter

A significant other telling you that you cannot talk to someone because s/he is simply jealous is toxic. A significant other cheating on you is toxic. A significant other being abusive both mentally and physically is toxic. A significant other compromising how you feel in any way is toxic.

Most people would agree that having their feelings hurt and their wishes compromised is a bad thing. However, toxic relationships nowadays are becoming justified and normalized. Justification to any bad situation is not adequate when your thoughts and feelings are not taken into consideration; however, that simple statement is being ignored in efforts to hold a relationship in today’s generations.

“There’s just a specific quota everyone has to stand up to, the girl has to be submissive, and be shorter than the guy, and the guy has to be masculine and willing to beat someone up at anytime. It’s just everyday gender roles that make relationships toxic and there’s also the control thing. You can’t wear these clothes and talk this way and talk to these people and you can’t go here and there because “I said so” but instead of being deemed toxic it’s considered normal and that’s how a relationship is ‘supposed to work’” stated sophomore Breanna Williams.

Some are so blinded by the idea of a relationship that they don’t even realize they are in a toxic one. Others are fully aware of their distressing situations, and do not find it necessary to end the relationship.

“Toxic relationships are glorified because people get jealousy confused with love. People don’t even realize it’s happening because of how normalized it has become.” stated sophomore Shannon Blevins.

So why do we find it okay to be in a toxic relationship?

To put it as simply as possible, people are lazy. People are complacent, desperate, afraid, and some just simply don’t understand how bad their situation truly is. It is not okay to be in a toxic relationship. If you are being abused mentally, physically, or emotionally there is absolutely no reason you should let your desire for a relationship outweigh the truth.

Some may find it as an easy fix to a big problem to just stay with the person they’re with, and to hide how they feel in efforts to make the situation work. Instead of trying to change their partner, they try to just accept how that person is.

However, toxic relationships are not okay. Do not become lazy, complacent, desperate, or afraid and do not justify your partners wrongdoing. You are okay by yourself and you do not need a toxic relationship to be happy.