Listening To Music In Class

Lexi Grim '21, page designer

     Students are not allowed to listen to music in most classes thanks to teachers that do not allow students to use electronics in class. Some believe it is a distraction to the students’ education and some also believe electronics “brainwash” people. Most of the time when it comes to students needing to write an essay or work on homework or even doing problems in class the students ask, “Can we listen to music? I think better that way, it really helps me!” But is that really true? Does music help concentration or does it distract students from what they are doing?

     133 participants performed reading comprehension tasks while listening to either light classical music, hip-hop, or no music at all. Students who performed the reading tasks in silence scored the highest. Music with a higher intensity (such as hip-hop) was more distracting and had a greater (negative) effect on a task performance and concentration. There are studies that show the louder the music, the worse test scores get.

      Personally, when I read I cannot have any distractions or I cannot focus and my head goes into ten different places, but on the other hand when I write I can listen to music and write so much more than what I would write without music.