Competitive cheer

Madison Loyd '21, Reporter

Competitive cheerleading is a sport in which cheer teams perform against one another for trophies and titles. Glenn’s competitive cheer squad held tryouts Nov. 6-8.

“I love the feeling of standing in front of the judges and showing off what my team and I can do and I also like competing against all the other teams,” senior Madison Wetmore said.

Sophomore Taylor Socola also said she enjoyed the sport.

“Cheering is a big part of my life and I love doing it,” she said. “I love performing and competing in front of people and I love the people I meet and develop bonds with on the team and from other schools.”  

Freshman Lindsey Edwards-Williams also had something to say

“It’s something to keep me busy and in shape. It also helps keep my grades up because you can’t do it with bad grades.”

Competitive cheer is a sport some are very fond of. According to sophomore Mallory Bennet, the most memorable moment was when they won nationals in 2015.

The head varsity coach is coach Courtney and the head coach for junior varsity is Coach Carla.

Wondering why they do it? Here’s what a couple girls told me!

“I love being able to to see other teams creativeness with their routines,” Wetmore said.

Edwards said “I like competitive because of how hard they push you and how your skills really improve.”

Competitive showtimes are held at different gyms every meet. Before each game they have a team talk to motivate each other.

Before 2017, in order to try out, students had to be able to do a back handspring to make varsity. To make junior varsity, students had to know how to do a back walkover. However, they took all that out those requirements out this season. “There are some really great cheerleaders but they don’t have the tumbling skill,” Wetmore said.  “We took that away because we are just looking for all around good cheerleaders.”