Bowling our way to regionals

Madison Loyd '21, Reporter


This year’s bowling seasoning started on Dec. 2nd  and will end Feb. 22 after regionals. The boys and girls team are both in the division lead.  There are five people on each bowling team and each bowler is responsible for getting their own gear. The boys’ are 11-1 and the girls are 13-0 with a two-game lead over Belleville for the division title.

As of Jan. 26 the girls’ are ranked number one in division one. The girls also put up a 2-gamer baker set for the record books. In their game against Wayne Memorial they bowled a 278 and 244 for a set of 522. This baker set is ranked the 3rd all time amongst Michigan girls bowling team and the highest set since 2007.

They have practice three times a week from 3pm to 5pm at the Town n Country . They have matches twice a week one away and one home. Bowlers are required to get to their ‘home’ alley on their own however transportation is given for matches. However whenever they have tournaments you must drive yourself.

“Bowling is a fun sport and you get to meet new people,” stated junior Anthony Romeo Jr.

With three matches remaining, both teams are in good shape, and possible favorites to win their division and conference titles. On Feb. 15th at the Town N Country the KLAA conference championship will take place. Regionals however will be held on Feb. 22nd and 23d at the super bowl in canton.