It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Winter is Coming

Tiyanna Harris 20

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     It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? I searched the halls and lunchrooms seeking opinions on the fast approaching Dec. 25. The general consensus on how one celebrates consisted of spending time with family and exchanging gifts.

     Mr. Przyblski, school psychologist stated that the true meaning of Christmas to him was helping people, especially those in need.

     Christmas seems to lack the widespread cheerfulness it brings every year. After asking Petty officer, (navy) Hooper why he believes Christmas is not as anticipated he responded with: “People are not as interested and don’t want to put Christmas lights up.”

There are various ways people celebrate that are not often shown in daily encounters. At least one person has seen or heard an ad about prices being lowered, gifts and more  specifically catered for Christmas. However, other practices such as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa are discussed very little to none. For most school districts including DPS and WW students and faculty do not get “spiritual significant” days off unless it is only the Christian holiday, that being Christmas.

“I don’t like how it’s shoved down other people’s throats, there are other religions but we only represent Christmas,” junior Jenna Zentz said.

Some individuals don’t celebrate Christmas simply because it does not align with their religious beliefs. :

“We believe that Jesus was a prophet not a God, we do worship Jesus but not as a God,” sophomore Haagar Atkins, who practices Islamic traditions, said.

In contrast, junior Caitlin Ruth Gines was excited to talk about what Christmas meant to her.

“It’s so important for my religion because it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday,” Gines said. “Everyone bonds together and I get a different feeling during Christmas it just makes me so happy.”

Junior Kaitlyn Glassmeyer feels that the appropriate time to start rocking out to holiday music is around Thanksgiving. Kaitlyn’s favorite song for Christmas is “All I want for Christmas is You”.

Many students at Glenn remember the fond memories of waking up at 12 am with their family. The anticipation of opening gifts are memories that are forever imprinted in the back of their minds. Junior Melany Ospina has an annual reunion with her family: they enjoy each other’s company while listening to music and unwrapping presents.

The origin of celebrating Christmas according to the Bible dates back to the virgin Mary, whom gave birth to Jesus Christ, the savior of the all. Christmas was created to honor and remember Jesus and his miraculous works. There is no written evidence on the exact date of the birth of Christ; but, Pope Julius I (circa. 337-352) officially declared that Dec. 25, was the day that Jesus’ birth was to be honored.

Though originally a Christian holiday, non-Christians celebrate globally and still have a wonderful day with loved ones.