French Club


Alexa Richardson '21, Reporter

French Club is an after school organization containing many students interested in French culture. This club helps kids expand their learning of French, outside of the typical classroom curriculum.

“I enjoy how we get to learn different aspects of French that normally in the classroom we don’t cover. Sometimes we watch French films, play French games, or try different French foods that helps everyone experience the French culture, away from a textbook”, stated sophomore Angelina Mattioli.

French club has had many fun experiences; such as celebrating Mardi Gras, expanding their learning of French culture, and their most recent trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts. Their last activity is May 20 to celebrate the end of the year and a successful year of learning.

Their sponsor, Madame Manohar, is not surprisingly also John Glenn’s primary French teacher.

“I wanted to start French Club because there is just so much that we don’t get to cover in class.” stated Madame Manohar, “I wanted students to have the opportunity to explore more French culture and get to do fun activities.”