Debate Madness


Alexa Richardson '21, Reporter

It all came down to whether or not parents should be able to pick the gender of their children, that let Conner Evans come out of Debate Madness victorious.

On Tuesday April 30th, the annual 10th grade Debate Madness competition took place and was once again, very successful.

16 competitors took the stage in efforts to win the bracket style competition. Competitors included; Liliana Williams, Conner Evans, Autumn Green, Jacob Novak, Owen Phillips, Justin Cox, Jillian Downey, Kyle Palmer, Sarah Hayes, Brennen Barron, Chase Grove, Lauryn Hardy, Kathryn Bigelow, Jalen Jones, Dimitri Guberinich, and Luciuss Mihalus.

After two rounds of cuts, the final four were left; Conner Evans, Jillian Downey, Sarah Hayes and Kathryn Bigelow. Two intriguing debates took place which decided the finalists; Kathryn Bigelow and Conner Evans.

In the final round Conner Evans and Kathryn Bigelow took the stage to have one final debate discussing whether or not parents should be able to choose the gender of their baby. Conner took the side defending that parents should not be able to choose, while Kathryn took the side defending that parents should be able to choose. After a great debate, the winner was announced; Conner Evans from Ms. Nimmerguth’s class.

“I wasn’t completely confident, but I wasn’t nervous. I didn’t worry about my opponents so much as I worried about myself, because anyone can beat anyone else if they perform particularly well. I just focused on myself and didn’t worry about who I was against.” stated Conner Evans.