Captain Marvel


Sierra Mcintosh '20, Reporter

As it is the first movie being lead by a female superhero in Marvel, it is obviously deemed automatically as a relevant movie in today’s culture. Captain Marvel takes place in the year 1995, which is quite fascinating as the majority of the Marvel movies took place long after this.

Most of the plot has not been yet revealed, due to the movie not being released until March 8. From what the public knows at the moment, the Earth is sucked into an intergalactic war that’s occurring between two alien races. The lead actress who plays Captain Marvel is Brie Larson.

The protagonist has to prevent this war from destroying the Earth as we know it. From early screenings of the movie, the reviews of the movie have been quite positive with fans stating that she’ll be “the next face of Marvel.” However, there has been worry of whether or not the excitement of Captain Marvel will be overshadowed by the final installment of The Avengers series, Endgame. Captain Marvel has also been called the “Wonder Woman of Marvel” by individuals who have seen Wonder Woman, that was released in 2017.